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New! Drugstore Makeup Reviews !Wet N Wild Photo Focus / Maybelline Cushion !

Hey my loves ! I reviewed two new foundations at the drugstore a couple of days ago. Click the links below for all the deets and live demos  !






I hope this helps , and of course if you have any questions leave them below ! Did you try any of these foundations ? Which are your favorite ?


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New Maybelline Fit Me ! Matte + Poreless foundation review

Hey loves ! Super excited about doing this review . Everyone has been talking about this product and I wanted to try it for myself . So , I have been trying it out for the last seven days and I have a list of pros and cons 🙂

The claims are :

• Magnifies and refines pores
•Matches natural skin tones
•Natural seamless finish

I purchased this foundation from cvs for $7.99. It comes in 12 shades , my shade is 355 coconut . The matching powder comes in 8 shades which I did not purchase because they had no color match for me . I like the packaging , wish it had pump though . The formula is on the runny side , but that’s not bad .

• it blends very well
•it dries to a matte finish !
•does not take long to set
•coverage is amazing !
•touches up very well
•photographs well

Cons :
• Didn’t blur my pores without the aid of a facial primer . Even after that my pores were a little visible

• when I didn’t use a facial primer the foundation seemed to sink into my pores .

• I wore this foundation all day . After 7 hrs , that’s when oil started to come through . My forehead , nose , and where my pores are were shiny .

• They don’t have enough color selection for darker skin tones . The powders darkest shade was a shade lighter than me . In The foundation my shade was the darkest , someone with a darker skin tone would not find Color match .

So over all , the foundation did touch up well . As long as you touch it up with powder it should be fine 🙂 I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this foundation . I don’t often buy Maybelline foundation because I haven’t really liked many in the past ,but this product I would repurchase 🙂



* I have on two layers of the foundation and a no powder in picture above 🙂

To watch a live Demo of how foundation applied :

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Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation Review !


Information/ claims (foundation )

• comes in 9 shades
• 12.99 at cvs
•Demi Matte finish
• Never masky , never Cakey, never dull. The micro sponge technology absorbs excess oil and shine to create a dimensional matte finish without need for heavy or a caked look. Use a sponge to buff it out for a sheer and natural look or apply layers for more complete coverage .

Information and claims (powder)

• comes in 4 shades
• Focus on T- zone , wear on top of foundation or alone for sheer coverage .

I applied right after the shower. I did moisturize my face about 20 minutes before I applied at 9am. Before foundation picture:


This is after I applied foundation . I took a picture with the flash on 🙂


•foundation was creamy not runny
•applied best with a sponge ( I used a beauty blender)
• the shade was not a color match for me . This was the darkest shade and it was still to light.
•one coat did not cover my acne scars , I applied second layer for more coverage. Medium coverage foundation.

Next I applied powder :


•Powder was a better color match
• did not appear to be drying or Cakey
•very Matte
• my pores were visible
•settled in my fine lines

So I wore this foundation for a total of 9 hrs . No touch ups , and I ran errands all day , took care of a one year old and fixed dinner 🙂


This is a picture of me after I did a touch up that evening ( I forgot to take a picture when I got home)

My nose was a little oily , and the foundation came off around my nose where I have visible pores . But all and all it touched up very well . Did pretty good for no touch ups all day . I would not wear the foundation because there is no color match for me , but I really like the powder which I will still use .If you are a oily skin type it will not last for 24hrs , but it will hold up for a nice amount of time and even longer with a finishing powder . I was pleased with this foundation . To see. Live Application and results of this review you can click the link below :

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Review / First Impression


Hey loves ! I’m here with another review for you . This time it’s the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. I have heard lots of great things about it , so I wanted to try it out myself .

Maybelline says that their foundation :

Revolutionary air-soft mousse provides perfecting coverage for 100% velvet-matte perfection
Ideal for normal to oily skin
Fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores, safe for sensitive skin
For Best Results

Apply smoothly and evenly to your face and blend with your fingertips.

So I applied this foundation at about 6 am before going to work . Right away I noticed how light it was . It blended super well with my fingers and a beauty blender . Makes your skin look smooth . It felt like butter . It dried matte almost instantly .

Picture without the flash



Now with the flash



Ok so I hate the white face when you take a picture. I’m guessing it must have SPF in it , maybe . But the white cake face is such a turn off to me . But anyhow , I finished the rest of my makeup and proceeded on with my day . This is a picture of full face makeup , but this time in natural day light .




When I checked my makeup at 2pm I was visably oily . Especially in the T-zone area , but not to much. I didn’t have any dry spots , so I decided to powder my face for the rest of the day .


So I didn’t get a chance to powder my face because I didn’t bring it to work . So this is the final look at around 6pm with and without the flash .


Revelon Colorstay Gel Polish

Hello Loves ! I’m here with a quick review about the Revlon colostay gel nail polish.  It’s suppose to be a longwear nail polish that last up to 11 days . It’s said that it has a Gel like finish and they come in 30 easy to remove shades. The wide angle brush wraps the nail and coats tips for a smooth bubble free application. No light needed ! Retails for about $7.99 .

That is a little back round information about this product.

I started with bare nails. I skiped the base coat because this product has a base coat mixed with the polish.  I personally dont care for polishes that have the base coat in them , or just using any base coat.  I like to use what I know works and that’s either China glaze base coat or the Orly nail bonder. I painted my nails with the color Hot Hand which was very pretty .

photo 2(9)


Next I carefully Polished my nails getting as close to the cuticle as posible makng sure to also polish the tips of my nails to seal in the color. The polish was thick but smooth . It didn’t have a strong smell either which was a plus . I dried completely rather quickly , about 20 minutes tops !


photo 1(7)


Day 1 went well , no chips in sight . Even though the Revlon colorstay top coat was shiny , I didn’t have an extreme high gloss and I like my nail to shine bright like a diamond so to speak . By that evening I notice that my nails were not as shiny , but still no chipping .
By the middle of day 2 , I had major chipping . It left me pretty disappointed to be honest . It was pretty much over from there . It chipped more with eveyday that passed .


Final Verdict :
This product did not last more than two days without chipping . Now there are many factors that go into this . I work at a hospital and I have to wash my hands constantly throughout the day . Also my nails beds tend to be oily , so before I paint them I will try to remove as much moisture as possible by using acetone with a cotton ball on my nails . I didn’t do that Step this time .
Wouldn’t buy this product again , I will have to pass . If anyone has had a different experience pleas comment below .

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