Growing ….

Hey loves ! Long time no write 😊. So I have not posted something on here in such a long time , I think my last post was … well to be honest I really don’t remember . I have neglected my blog and I really want to start blogging more frequently . Like anything in life , change is sure to come . If your not changing your not growing right ? Looking back when I first started this blog I know I am a completely different person . So much has happened over the course of almost 4 years 

I don’t see things the way I use to , I don’t think in the manner that I use to . Like everyone , life has thrown my way challenge after challenge and has in most cases pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to grow even if it wasn’t imedately . It has slowly shaped me in to the women I am today good and some bad if I’m truly honest . 

Saying all that to say lol ( I don’t know where I was going with all of that ) I want my blog to have content represents all of me . I have been mostly beauty and fashion , but I would like to include some lifestyle (mommy stuff , home decor , planning ,etc.) and motivational/inspirational content.  I decided to implement a schedule – 

Monday : Motivationl / Inspirationl 

Wednesday : Lifestyle 

Friday: Beauty / Fashion 
I will eventually post something all three days , but for now even if it is once or twice a week I will only post on these days . I’m really excited and I’ll talk to you in another post ! 


India ❤️ 


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