My Top three high-end eyeshadow palettes 

Hey loves ! I was going through my palette collection and I wanted to share which palettes are my favorites at the moment . 

Lorac Pro Matte 

This little palette packs a lot of punch . What I love about it is that it’s all matte and neutral . The colors are so pigmented and it easy to go from day to night with this palette . 

Makeup by Mario (ABH) 

This is a beautiful warm tone palette . I love that the colors feel like butter . They blend so easily , and there is a very good color selection with palette . 

Tartelette in bloom 

This palette is another warm tone palette , I like the fact that there are not just Browns but some mauve /brown colors . They are pigmented and blend well  . Plus this palette smells like a dream . 
This is my short list of my high-end favorites , and to see what’s in my full eyeshadow collection click the link below 

Also let me know in the comments below what your favorite eyeshadow palette is . 



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