Brown Lipsticks


Hey loves !! I know it’s spring and the last color you may want to wear is brown , however I wanted to express my new found love (and obsession) with brown lipsticks . I thought because I was a brown girl that I could never pull off this color . Well not true ! I’m glad that there are no rules with makeup and it’s all about the look your trying to create . I wanted to do swatches , but colors were showing up a little funny on the photos . However I did do a lipstick try-on uploaded to my YouTube channel . If your interested in seeing what they look like on just click this link :

Also, the names of each color , shade, and were you can purchase them from will be below:

Mocha-licious (wet n wild) –

Touchable Taupe (Maybelline) –

Fresh Brew (MAC) –

Stone (MAC) –

“O” (MAC)  –

Teddy(NYX) –

Crush (Milani) –






Snapchat: Chicsavvyreese




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