Affordable Spring Nail Polish !

spring nails

Hey everyone ! I just wanted to share some of my favorite Spring nail polishes . What I usually pull for when it starts to warm up is pastel colors. They are classic , girly , and well… pretty hehehe !  Here are some of my faves in my collection .



  1. Pink Me Up  !  ( L’Oreal)



2) Jenifer’s Nude ( L’Oreal )


3.) Perfect Pistachio (Pop-arazzi)


4.) Big Teal


5.) Tickled Pink


6.) Babe Blue


All these nail polishes are affordable . Now affordable does not equal lack of quality . I do purchase OPI and China Glaze , but I also love Sally Hansen products . They are amazing ! Just a money saving tip , you can buy OPI and China glaze at TJ Maxx or Marshall for about 4 bucks . They are last seasons colors , but they are still cute and very affordable. Beauty on a Budget 🙂


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