The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara Review


Hello my loves ! So , I have had the Mascara for a couple of months now . I never really got around to doing a review on it , but today is the day ! I want to share my thoughts on the New Maybelline Mascara 🙂  First , let me give you a little info about this product .


How Much :  Retails from 6.50 – 8.00 (depending upon where you buy it )


Claims :Push up the drama, push up the lift: The Falsies Push Up Effect

  • Push up cup brush with cup-shaped bristles scoops and lifts lashes
  • New creamy plumping formula delivers instant volume and holds lift in place

First, the packaging is awesome and so cute ! It’s a very attractive metallic pink and red tube , I’m a fan .  The brush I am not impressed with . I find that it did not separate my Lashes , and when taking the brush out of the tube , there is a lot of product.

The formula does keep your lashes in place and provides and intense hold after it dries , the only thing that was missing for me was the volume. This mascara did not give me any volume . I purchased the water proof formula ( I’m a contact wearer ) , and it was very hard to remove. Even with all my makeup removing products , it always had so much residue on my lashes .

My overall thoughts about the product is that this not my favorite mascara. It’s not the worst , but it’s not the best either.  It wasn’t anything special , in my book.


Hope you enjoyed this little review !  Leave me a comment if you like this mascara or if you hated it . As always what doesn’t work for me may just work for you , and vice verse . Love you guys , talk to you in another blog !


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