Milani Makeup Review ! 

Hello my loves ! So I have a short review on some new products from Milani Cosmetics . The first thing I tried was their new Facial Primer . 

The Milani Prime Sheild comes in two different formulas . One for oily skin , and the other  for dry skin . The one I tried of course is for oily skin . This Primer claims to be mattifying , maintains your makeup all day , and is pore – minimizing .  This primer did make my skin matte of course with application , but I didn’t notice a difference in my makeup lasting . Also I found this primer to do nothing for minimizing my pores . I have to say I was a little disappointed . 

The next product I tried was their new eyeshadow palettes . 

There are about five different palettes in this collection . They range from neutrals , smokey blues , and bright bold colors ! I love these palettes ! They are soooo pigmented and long wearing . They retail for 9.99 , but make sure to check your local cvs because they always have a buy one get one 50% off sells . These palettes are awesome and worth every penny . 
I hope this mini review was helpful and I’ll talk to you in another blog ! 


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