10 Things You Don’t Say To Pregnant Women :)

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Hey Loves ! I am now 29 weeks pregnant with my second baby . I know that that people love pregnant women and babies , but I noticed that throughout both of my pregnancies people have a tendency to say some crazy things to pregnant women lol. I don’t think that anybody means any harm , I just think that people are excited and some times they don’t have any thing to say . I remember , the first time I was pregnant I got so many horror stories about labor . I was literally terrified ! I think that pregnancy is a bonding experience between women , and that’s where all the interesting stories and comments come from. So I wanted to compile this list of things that people say . It’s all in fun , I don’t take the comments to seriously , but I know some ladies that do . Honestly , you don’t want to keep hearing how big you are lol .  So click the link below to see my top 10 list !

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