Mommy Monday #3 The Truth about Strech Marks

stretch Mark thumb nail

Hey Loves ! I hope everyone’s Monday is going well ! I have a quick post about stretch marks. We have them , don’t want them, try to prevent them, still get them, and try to get rid of them . I think that’s sums it all up lol . Some people are blessed not to get them , while the rest of us are visited by the stretch mark fairy.  So here are some quick things I learned about them from my own personal experience:

* They can be hereditary

* If your going to get them , you will

* Based off of how much elasticity that is in your skin

* They can lighten , so the appearance is not as bad or noticeable

* There is no miracle product that you can use to make them go away or keep them from coming (at least in my experience)

* Cocoa butter works well to keep your skin moisturized as well as coconut oil

* Drink Plenty of what , it well help your skin stay hydrated which will, help your skin stretch

* They sometimes do lighten after you have your little one

* No matter what happens , your beautiful no matter what you may currently feel like 🙂

So of Course ,I made a YouTube video about this subject ! Please check it out if you can , I really want to encourage all the momma’s out there . We have to stick together 🙂

YouTube link :

Connect with me !

Love you guys so much ! I’ll be back with another post Wednesday !

Don’t forget to share this with others you think it may help !


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