Mommy Monday’s 

Hey loves ! So I know a lot of bloggers/vloggers do weekly up dates during their pregnancy . Well I wanted to document this pregnancy since I didn’t get a chance to do that with the first . But I don’t want to do them weekly , instead I’ll do them trimester . 

I’m officially in my second trimester !! I’m super excited 🙂 as far as my symptoms went for the first trimester , I experienced fatigue , and nausea with occasional actually throwing up . It hit me at all times of the day and night . I notice that my fatigue is slowly going away , but of course I still get tired because I have a lot going on . Heard the babies heart beat for the first time and it melted my heart. 

  I haven’t started buying anything as of yet . My list of things to buy are not long because I have a one year old and I kinda have all the major things I need . I will just be buying a few extra items and of course clothes 🙂 I gained  total of 7 lbs by the end of the trimester , from what I read I think that’s to much , but my doctor said that I’m perfectly fine . Me and baby are healthy and that’s the most important thing . 

For a bump shot (on my YouTube ) –

Just a warning I look so sleepy lol , I had to film late a night . 

Thanks loves for reading, I’ll talk to you in another blog ! 

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