Howto combat morning sickness/nausea 

Hey loves ! It’s true why they say that every pregnancy is different . With my first it was pretty smooth sailing up until my labor . I never really experienced to many symptoms that are so common with pregnancy . I remember my doctor telling me “consider yourself lucky ” . Well this time around , the struggle is real ! I don’t really throw up , which I don’t know if that’s better . Instead I just have that nausea at all times of the day . Morning , noon , night , in the middle of the night . I had a few times , when I did get sick and throw up however most of the time it’s just nausea . So I went on a search to figure out ways to calm my stomach . I found some things that help a lot , and I would like to share it with my sistas ! 

1.)  Stay hydrated ! 

  It’s so important to drink your water while your pregnant . The first time around it seems as though I was very on top of my water intake . Now that I have a toddler to take care of , a household , and school I would just drink whatever I can get my hands on . Which is a bigggggggg no no . We need water to fuel our bodies and babies . Also I have found if you have a fuller stomach , nausea is less likely to strike.

2.) Have a cracker

  A cracker , piece of bread or anything dry for that matter , will calm your stomach and absorb any acid that might be lingering around . 

3) Ginger 


Ginger aids in upset stomach  , it is also said to help with diagestion and saliva . It has a bit of a spicy taste , but I mix it with a little lemon and honey . 

4) Ginger ale / Vernors 


We know what ginger does for ours stomachs , the fizz that’s in these soft drinks are sodium Bicarbonate , which acts as a neutralizer to whatever is going on in your stomach (typically acid in most cases). That’s why people use this when they have stomach flu , etc. 

5)Eat small snacks 


I found that when there was something on my stomach ,that I feell less nauseated . I try to eat something small every three hours . Something like an apple ,or a little peanut butter and crackers . I’m not saying to eat your life away but just something small . 

6) peppermint 


Honestly I don’t know if this really helps , but it helps me lol . 

So these are the little tricks I picked up along the ways. I hope it helps sistas , I’ll talk to you in another blog 🙂 

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