New Maybelline Fit Me ! Matte + Poreless foundation review

Hey loves ! Super excited about doing this review . Everyone has been talking about this product and I wanted to try it for myself . So , I have been trying it out for the last seven days and I have a list of pros and cons 🙂

The claims are :

• Magnifies and refines pores
•Matches natural skin tones
•Natural seamless finish

I purchased this foundation from cvs for $7.99. It comes in 12 shades , my shade is 355 coconut . The matching powder comes in 8 shades which I did not purchase because they had no color match for me . I like the packaging , wish it had pump though . The formula is on the runny side , but that’s not bad .

• it blends very well
•it dries to a matte finish !
•does not take long to set
•coverage is amazing !
•touches up very well
•photographs well

Cons :
• Didn’t blur my pores without the aid of a facial primer . Even after that my pores were a little visible

• when I didn’t use a facial primer the foundation seemed to sink into my pores .

• I wore this foundation all day . After 7 hrs , that’s when oil started to come through . My forehead , nose , and where my pores are were shiny .

• They don’t have enough color selection for darker skin tones . The powders darkest shade was a shade lighter than me . In The foundation my shade was the darkest , someone with a darker skin tone would not find Color match .

So over all , the foundation did touch up well . As long as you touch it up with powder it should be fine 🙂 I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this foundation . I don’t often buy Maybelline foundation because I haven’t really liked many in the past ,but this product I would repurchase 🙂



* I have on two layers of the foundation and a no powder in picture above 🙂

To watch a live Demo of how foundation applied :

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  1. I love that you did this. It’s really hard to find a drugstore foundation that matches darker skin tones, but this looks good. What type of coverage is it? I like a full coverage. What color did you get? Thanks for sharing & you look beautiful as always. 🙂

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