Mommy Monday #2 / what I learned my first year of motherhood


Hey loves ! This was suppose to go up Monday , but I still wanted to share 🙂
My daughter is now 13 month ,and this past year has changed my life . I have experienced so much and learned a lot about myself . I wanted to share 11 things I learned my first year of being a mommy .

1.) I do believe in love at first sight . I first fell in love the first time I felt her move in my womb , but the moment I laid eyes on her , it was an overwhelming feeling of love that I really can’t explain.

2.) I was meant to be a mom.
I always wanted kids . When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say a mom. I love every minute of it . Good and bad . It’s one of the most rewarding and priceless honors that I’m so grateful I get to experience.


3) I can function off of little to no sleep . When I was pregnant people would say “enjoy your sleep now ,Because it’s over once your baby comes “. They were right lol I haven’t had a full nights rest in a year . Oh how I miss you sleep lol . People also use to tell me sleep when the baby sleeps . Well I don’t know about anyone else , but for those of us that have other things to do such as taking care of a household it just not possible . Plus I’m not really a day time nap taker no matter how hard I try .


4) The amount of advice I would receive , wanted but mostly unwanted . There something about being a new mom that everyone feels to need to share with them there most terrifying birthing stories and the “real” way you should handle every baby related situation . The phenomenon started when I was pregnant , and people would share with me their scariest giving birth stories with all types of things going wrong followed by “but that’s probabley won’t happen to you “. People don’t know what a tail spin you send a first time mother on . I got to the point where I would change the subject mid story , or find a reason to excuse myself , because ladies thought they were helping or even bonding , but it was making me well …scared . Then I received a ton advice from every subject from nursing , holding a baby to much , and getting the baby to sleep . Now don’t get me wrong , as a new mom you need advice , just not from everyone lol . I feel like people sometimes think the way they did things with there child is the only way things should be done and it’s just not true . It’s also the way you offer the advice . Some people offered it very sweetly as a suggestion of something to try . Others might as well say “you don’t know what your doing , actually just give me the baby” . If in fact mom doesn’t know what she doing which is normal for a first time mom , let try to figure it out on her own . she will ask tons of questions on her own . I remember , there were certain people saying I didn’t know what I was doing , among others things behind my back and I found out about it . I cried that day . My daughter was about 4 or 5 months at the time , and I remember being so hurt. Why would people judge ? After all I was taking care of my daughter by myself ( never ask either of them for help) , I was taking care of her day and night . I remember my mother and father comforting me saying that the opinions of others don’t matter . My dad told me your a good mom , your daughter is a happy baby . I love the way my mom offers advice ( she is my main source of advice )she always offers it lovingly and puts the final decision in my hands. She respects me as my daughters mom , and knows I will do what best for her . So if you do offer advice , do it sweetly and cut the new moms some slack 🙂


5) Every child is different . No child is the same and no family is the same . With that said there is no formula for parenting . You have to do what works for your children and family . People may not understand every thing I decide to do as a parent , but that’s ok . It’s not about explaining why I decide something , it’s about the welfare of my child at all times . I’m responsible for raising and protecting my daughter at all cost and I take that very seriously . My husband and I base decisions on what works for our family .

6) Don’t forget about your husband . Some people may be saying duh , but it can be easy to do in the beginning. Babies require so much attention , then you add the lack of sleep going on , which can lead to a situation lol . But I had to remember that he was my first baby so to speak . It all started just the two of us . He’s my best friend , my love , and my partner in
Life . So even if it’s just watching movies and laughing once baby goes down for the night , it’s super important to always have your time alone for relationship 🙂 love you babe 🙂


7) Don’t forget about yourself . We as mothers put ourselves last . Because our families are the most important things to us . But you have to make time to take care of yourself . You still have your own hopes and dreams as well as needs . So if daddy can watch baby for a couple hours to get that pedicure , or even if you go to a coffee shop and just relax , do it .


8) I now understand everything my mother was trying to say . You when you get to that stage in life and your trying to “grow up” and you feel like they (your parents) “won’t let you ” ? I get it now . I think about Bailey growing up , and it kinda scares me lol . Just because I want to protect her from everything .


9) There is no such thing as holding your baby to much . Ok so I know people think differently about this issue . In fact everyone and there momma told me ” don’t hold that baby all the time” now I’m not saying to hold the baby every minute of the day . But why should I not bond with my baby because I don’t want her to be “spoiled ” ? Yes there was a time when I did carry her a lot while doing other things , but this is how I see it . There is such a small time when they will be babies and at some point , these little people won’t want to be bothered with mom , and want to do their own thing . I am going to enjoy and embrace every moment because it goes by so fast . I’m glad that I did .

10) My family is the most important thing to me . It was before , but now it is even more . Not just my little family of three , but all my family 🙂


11) Trust my instincts. I have maternal instincts, and once I had this little one they went to another level. I trust that I know what’s best for my daughter .

I could go on some more , but that is just a few things I learned over the last year . I am so grateful to be able to be a mother , but most of all Bailey’s mom . I can’t imagine my life or our little family with out her. She is truly my heart 🙂 I take being a mother very seriously . It is a hard job at times because there is no manual or even enough advice that can prepare you for this , but it is also the most rewarding jobs there is . I love it 🙂

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