Mommy Monday #1

Hey loves 🙂 Before I had my beautiful daughter I was a mani / pedi fanatic ! I went faithfully . But after , I would go but not as consistent as I use to . Even if I did get acrylic nails , I could’nt keep up with my fill- in appointments . It’s true that since I’ve become a mother , my priorities have changed so much . I may not always have the time to go and get my nails professional done , I make sure that go once a month to at least to get pedis , and to be honest I don’t want to deal with the acrylic nails so I opt for polish most of the time . But I find that after I get my daughter down for the night I get to have a little me time . I use that time relax by doing a facial mask , my hair , or my nails . I try to do my nails one to two times a week . I’m not saying that you have to do it as well ,but what makes me feel good is to be put together , and seem like I put a little effort in my appearance . It makes me feel more awake ! I challenge you if your not already doing so , have a me time moment and do something that makes you happy ! So here is my latest Mani :




Polish colors –
Christmas gone Plaid
Wonderous Star
China glaze top & bottom coat .

That’s all my babies !
Make sure to have a little me time for yourself each day .

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What do you do to relax or during your me time ? Comment down below , I would love to read about what you do 🙂

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