Get Holiday Ready !


Hello Loves ! As we all know the Holidays are right around the corner . Now it Doesn’t matter which ones you personally celebrate , I’m sure there are a lot of events to attend , and plenty of photo time with your family and friends . So this is a list that I complied of things that I do during the Hoildays to get myself in the mood .

1.) Sparkle and shine !


All things sparkling is a must . Wither it’s a skirt , top , or a statement jewelry piece it is a must . If your wanting to incorporate a glitter into your makeup but scared of over doing it . You can do a nice eyeliner or pop it in the corners of your eyes to open them up . Remember a little goes a long way , this is nice family events not New Years Eve .


There is nothing like a good Do it yourself project ! You could try recipes , presents , or decorations ! Whatever you do , it’s sure to put you in the Holiday spirit 🙂


3.) Prep that Beautiful Face

Whenever I have an important event to go to , I show my face some love with a facial mask . I use the freeman Masks . They really work !


4.) Don’t Forget Your Camera !

You want to make sure to document every fun memory you experience this holiday season . Wither it’s with your phone or a camera , don’t forget to bring it . Say cheese !

5.) Have Fun !
In the hustle and the bustle of all the decorating , and parties ,time can go by so fast and it’s over before you know it . So don’t forget to take a moment to take it all in 🙂

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I’m obsessed with the holidays , so the rest of my post from here on will probably be holiday related . Makeup tutorials , DIYs and more . So stay tuned !

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*All photo credits go to google search engine *


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