How I clean My Makeup Brushes


Hey loves ! So today I will be sharing a quick and easy way to clean your makeup brushes .

So first you need a plate , olive oil , and dish washing detergent . Baby shampoo will do as well .


Next , I pour some of the olive oil and dish detergent on the plate .


Now you want to take your dirty makeup brush , and swirl that into the solution you just created , and then on the palm of your hand . Making sure to really work the product into the brush .


Then you want to make sure you rinse all that soap out of your brush . Make sure you keep your brush pointing downward , to keep water from seeping into the brush . If to much water gets into the brush , it can loosen the glue and ruin your brush .

Lastly , place clean wet brushes on paper towel or a towel to dry . And your done !

Happy Cleaning !

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