Fall Nail Colors

Hey loves ! I’m here with a list of Nail polishes that I’m excited to wear this Fall , and some that are making another appearance from last Fall .


(From left to Right)

1. You-Niverse
2. Sunset Kiss
3. Liquid Metal

These polishes are all the brand Julie


1. Only in Creams
2. Pumping gas
3.slumming on sunset

These are all spoiled Nail Polishes


1.The lace is on (Essie)
2.Liquid Gold ( Sally Hansen)
3. Masquerade Ball (confetti)


1. Champagne Siren ( Spoiled)
2. Chunky Holo Black ( kleancolor)
3. ? (Sally Hansen)

I also took the liberty of making some color charts so you loves can see the colors better.



Well that’s all for this post . It’s so much fun to experiment with color . Enjoy ladies !

Just a few things :

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