You are Beautiful ( a letter from me to you …)

Hey loves ! Just thought I would tell you that your beautiful . Just in case no one has told you , or you didn’t know . We come in different sizes and shapes , but were all beautiful . I’m not just talking about what is on the outside , but it’s what it’s on the inside that makes us beautiful . We have beautiful hearts and souls .

You see it took me a long time to realize that I was beautiful . For years I didn’t like anything about me . I hated my hair , my skin tone , and my body . I did’nt think I was smart . I thought I had nothing to offer to the world . I questioned why I was born. I constantly compared my self to others , I just wasn’t happy . I wished I was someone else . I had family and friends that loved me , but I wonder why . I remember when I graduated from highschool , I was so confused about what I wanted to do with my life . I felt like a loser , so I focused on
my appearance , and picked myself apart . I decided that if I lost weight ( which I didn’t need to ) that my life would be better . So I stopped eating . My life felt so out of control , that I figured this was the one thing I could control .

It wasn’t until I started to see myself the way that God sees me . I stopped comparing myself to others . The things about my character I didn’t like , I slowly tried to work on myself with help from God . I realized that I was special because he said I was .


When I looked in the mirror I began to like what I saw . I didn’t rely on the opinions of others to mold me .
It took me years to get to this place , but I’m here . I’m here to tell you today that you are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made . God didn’t make a mistake when he created you .


You are special . You have a purpose , you belong in this world , and someone would care if you weren’t here . Your important , you matter .You are smart . You beautiful inside and out . Be the best YOU , you can be . Stop comparing yourself to this world . Don’t let anyone tell you what your suppose to look like , weigh , or who your suppose to be . Love yourself because that’s what you deserve . I love you , and God loves you more πŸ™‚

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  1. Your words are so beautiful and so are you. I agree with all you wrote and I liked the fact that you talked about God. I think in the same way and I know he is always with me to help me when I’m falling. I don’t know you but for what I red you seem like a wonderful person with a very nice blog.
    A big kiss

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