Back to school makeup

Hey Loves ! So today I have a back to school makeup look for you . It can be back to school or an everyday look . It’s similar to my every day makeup look that I did , except I didn’t contour , or use eyeliner . I just feel when you young you don’t need all that extra (unless you want to wear it) . That is one of the perks of being young , you naturally have a fresh face with or without makeup šŸ™‚ .

I also wanted to use as many drugstore products as I could , because when I was a teenager I didn’t have the money to buy super expensive makeup . Drugstore makeup is really excellent , and if you didn’t want to ever buy an name brand makeup product you don’t have to , and you can still look flawless.
The products I used :


The products that I used that we’re not drug store was the MAC blotting powder (it’s my favorite) you could use the L’oreal true match powder . I also used the studio fix MAC concealer . Now for this look concealer is optional . I’m a new mom there for I have late nights from time to time , so I need all the extra coverage I can get !
Lastly , I used MAC’s eyeshadow embark to fill in my brows. But a real good dupe for this is the NYX eyebrow powder.
The look :



The good thing about this look is you can do a pink lip


Or a nude lip




That’s it ! Nice and simple šŸ™‚

Just few things :
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*Question if the day : what is your go to nude lips shade ?


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