Back to school week !

Hello loves ! So for the next few days I will be posting back to school related blog posts . These are good ideals for yourself ( if your still in school) your sister , niece, daughter etc.
It will be a series of different looks hopefully to make your first day back a little easier , and give you inspiration on what style you want to try out .
So first up Nails !

So with all the studying , and your busy schedule the last thing you want to worry about is chipped nail polish . Or even having to wear it because you don’t have the time to freshen your nails up ! Let’s be honest nobody likes a chipped nail , it’s just not cute girl !
Have a perfectly manicured nail without the fuss by using the Salon Effects nail strips by Sally Hansen . They are so easy !


They come in every color and design you can think of , plus there is no dry time , just peel , apply , and your good to go ! I believe they last “up to” 14 days . I personally can get a good 7 to 8 days of wear out of them.

The design I’m wearing is” A Little Bubbly “and it’s a limited edition .
Try them out and enjoy !


Just A Few Things :

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Question of the day : what is your favorite nail polish shade for this upcoming season ?


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