Skin care !

Hello loves ! It’s so important to take care of your skin . This is the first rule in making your makeup look great . I have been using some products for a little over a month , and I have been so pleased with them . I’m going to walk you through what I do and use to take care of my skin .

So at night when I remove my makeup , I first start with my eye makeup . I use Equate oil free eye makeup remover . This stuff is the best ! It’s not oily and it does not irritate my eyes .


Using a baby wipe , I then remove as much of my makeup as I can before I use my facial wash .
To cleanse my face and moisturize it , I use the Cetaphil products . This stuff is great ! I love it . They also have a special one for oily skin .


Now twice a week I use a Coal mask made by freeman . It’s especially good for people with oily skin . This stuff is so good ! When you put it on it has a warm feeling , and your skin is so smooth afterwards . I really love this stuff .


So in the morning I don’t do anything special , after I wipe my face with another baby wipe I make sure to use another moisturizer . I use clean and clear moisturizer . It’s important to moisturize your face atleast 30 minutes before applying makeup . Hydrated skin helps your makeup to lay so much better . For this you can use any moisturizer that you like .

That’s what I do ! I hope this was helpful and let me know what skin care products you use on a daily basis !

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