Taming the beast !!! ( How I fill in my brows )

Hello loves ! The one thing that I have learned about doing my makeup is that filling in your eyebrows are a must. Your eyebrows frame your face . I feel it gives your makeup that extra pop ! For the most part I do not shape my own brows ( I get that professionally done ) , however I have learned how to fill them in . Today I will show you what I do to shape my brows .

Tools :

Brow pencil and brow gel


I’m using the Anastasia Beverly hills perfect brow pencil . The awsome thing about this pencil is that it applies like a pencil but sets like a powder. I also have some Covergirl clear mascara that I use to set my brows so they stay put when I’m done filling them in. Now there are a dozen brow products to choose from . Powders, pencils, pens, clear gels , and tinted gels . You just have find the product that works for you . Whatever I use , I make sure that it looks natural because that’s the look I’m trying to achieve .

Concealer and Angled small brush :


This is MAC concealer in NC 45 and the brush is from bHcosmectics.

Brow powder and a small flat brush


I use an MAC eyeshadow as brow powder , Embark . This brush is from bHcosmetics as well.

Start with a clean face .


Before you do anything you want to make sure that you brush your eyebrow in the direction that they grow . I brush mine up , I guess I try to fluff them up because my brows don’t grow at all . They tend to be thin .



Next I trace the bottom arch of my eyebrows as well as the top line . I don’t extend it at all. I want to keep this a natural look .


I then proceed to fill my eyebrows in using short stokes .


Just to give them a little more depth I lightly (very lightly ) go over them with my brow powder in Embark .



Next I then use a clear brow gel to keep everything in place .



Now if you want them defined a little more you can take some concealer , and again trace and outline your brows . Make sure you blend , blend , blend that concealer . Then finish the rest of your makeup and your done !




This is the finished product !


*Make sure to lightly brush through your brows after you have filled them in with the powder . It will help the product blend more. Also I don’t like to put to much product at the top of my brows (nearest to your nose) because it tends to look fake . Make sure to blend that out really well .

So this is the way I fill in my brows . Of course you can make them as natural or dramatic as you would like . But this is what works for me 🙂 I hope this helped !

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