Products I Regret Buying

Hey loves ! Today I wanted to write about something different . Today I have a list of the products I regret buying ! Now before I start , these are the products that didn’t work for me . Now they could work really well for you , which is great , but they didn’t help me at all lol .

1) The Olay fresh effects shine shine go away facial wash / eye awakening cream.

It smelled really good , but that about all . I wasn’t less shiny , and my eyes were not any more awake then they usually look.

2) Baby skin instant pore eraser


This did not work at all ! My pores around my nose were still very visible . I was kind if disappointed about this one.

3) Cover girl bombshell volume mascara / Too faced better than sex mascara


So first the cover girl did nothing ! No volume , no length . They Too faced worked but I have other brands that I use that work just as well if not better. Also the packing I have found gets messy with mascara on the outside no matter how careful I try to be .

4) Lo’real Magic Lumi highlighter/ Milani brow tint pen .


The Highlighter was not a good match for my skin tone. Even though I bought in deep it just didn’t blend well for me and looked powdery . The brow pen just didn’t do anything at all .

5) Maybelline lipstick in sugar almond



I don’t remember which collection it’s from , but it’s just the wrong color from me .

That’s all I have right now , I’m not trying to down these product but they just didn’t work from me . Please comment below if you have tried any of these and they worked out for you ! Or have any suggestions on what I can try instead . 🙂

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