False Lashes


Hello loves ! I have a falsies haul today . So lately I have been obsessed with false lashes . I like the strips verses the individual lashes because, I don’t like to wear them for days and days . I only wear them when I want to spice up my makeup , or add a little glam to the look . However I always like to have multiple pairs available because you never know which type you will need , or if someone else will need a pair .
The two types I purchased this time are the Kiss and Ardell brand .The kiss are about $3.99 a pack , as well as the Ardell lashes . The double pack Ardell’s were about $5.00 . They are both super easy to apply and pretty light weight. As for my Lash glue ,I use the Revlon brand glue. It applies white and dries clear.



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    1. Yes of course ! It’s all about which style lash you get . They have the natural looking lashed and then the real dramatic ones . But it would totally look good with your natural look . You should check out natural sistas , Iknowlee, and the chic natural on YouTube . Try do natural hair but they also have makeup tutorials šŸ™‚

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