Just Around The Corner !

Hey Loves ! I hope everyone is having a great week ! So my birthday is around the corner and there is a ton of products that I want to try and review and some things I just really want lol . So I thought I would compile a list of things that I would like to own , and things I want to review in the near future ! We’ll just call it a summer/birthday wish list 🙂

1)Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray


I thought this was really cool after reading the reviews . It’s says that you can spray your face throughout the day when you think you need refreshing . It will not ruin your makeup which is pretty great 🙂

Japanese Maple lipstick (MAC Cosmetics)


This looks like such a gorgeous color . I actually found about this from another blogger ( Ninafashionlife ) and she said how beautiful it was . I’m always looking for nice nude colors, and I can’t wait to go try this on.

Warm Soul blush (MAC Cosmetics )

Sorry I don’t have a picture of this one , but it’s a beautiful peachy summer color that has a gold shimmery undertones .I think that it’s the perfect summer color , and I’ve heard that it looks good on all skin tones .

Mineralize Skin Finish in Natural (MAC Cosmetics)


I heard great things about this as well . I’ve heard that it is great to use after applying your foundation .

Michael Kors


I’m such a fan of his . I love just about everything he does . Such a classic designer .

They’re real liner / Mascara



I want to try the Mascara because I’ve been told that it’s better than the Too Faced BTS mascara . After using the BTS mascara for a few weeks the only complaint that I have is that it’s messy . The mascara gets on the outside if the tube . As far as the liner , everyone ( YouTube Gurus ) is raving about it and I want to see for myself 🙂

Bare Skin foundation ( Bare minerals )


This is said to be a flawless foundation , so I want to try it out !

Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil


This product is said to be the best ,
and I have to get these eyebrows if mine under control 😊

It’s Judy time palette (bH cosmetics )


This has been out for a while , but Judy is a YouTube beauty guru . She designed a eyeshadow palette with bH cosmetics . It has shimmers and mattes , good for a smokey eye look.

So that’s my list ! If anyone has tried any of these products please comment below and let me know what you think of them 😀

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