Urban Decay Electric Palette Dupe !

The Urban Decay Electric Palette is all the rage right now ! I mean everyone and their Momma’s are talking about it . I have to agree that the colors are gorgeous , but I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to rush out and buy this highly demanded palette. It’s urban Decay so I know for sure it is very pigmented , and of good quality .
While I was going through some of my makeup I ran across a makeup palette that I got as a gift from my husband . It’s by bhcosmetics and it’s called Eyes on the 60’s . If full of bright and neutral colors . Lots of options to come up with various makeup looks . As I started to examine these color , I realized they were similar to some of the Urban Decay colors . They are bright with lots of pigmentation .





I will also do a review just to show how well the colors last , especially for people who may not be familiar with bhcosmetics .

Just a few things :

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