DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Hello loves ! If your anything like me on those hot , hot days I don’t like wearing a heavy foundation . I hate the feeling like my makeup is melting off of my face ! With that I Highly suggest a BB cream , CC cream , or a Tinted moisturizer . I use to buy a tinted moisturizer from MAC , sadly they discontinued it . I went a on a mad search for my next tinted moisturizer , until I realized I could simply make my own . Yes you can make your own , and it’s super simple , quick , an effective !

What you need –
1) moisturizer of your choice
2) foundation of your choice
3) clean hands

My choice of moisturizer is clean and clear oil free moisturizer and MAC Pro long wear foundation . It’s a medium to full coverage foundation that goes on light . For my ladies that like a full coverage foundation it is build able . It also gives you a natural matte finish .

With clean hands you’ll need about a dime size amount of moisturizer on the back of your hand

I then added about three small pumps of the fountain right on top of that moisturizer , and mix them together with my finger. Now you want to make sure you have less foundation than moisturizer for those of you without a pump foundation .


I then use my hands to apply the product to my face . By using my hands I was able to warm up the product a little bit and make sure that I really spread it evenly on my face.


Lastly , just finish by applying what ever make you would like. This is optional but , I used a concealer just below my eyes to cover up my dark circles . I also used the MAC blotting powder because I tend to get oily throughout the day . The MAC blotting powder is wonderful because it has a little color to it , but it is mostly a translucent power. I also wanted to use a bronzer to give me a natural glow 🙂





Oh that’s my daughter ! She wanted to make a little appearance lol . Have lots of fun with this ladies , enjoy !

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