Happy Tag !

Hello loves ! This is just a fun blog I decided to write today . I got the ideal off of YouTube . It’s called the Happy Tag , and it simply talks about what makes you happy . So if there is any other blogger reading this I tag you !!
Hopefully this lets you know a little about me 🙂



I love love love it ! From the first lipgloss I owned . It’s so much fun and girly . If I could buy every makeup product in the world I would lol



I love Fashion because it shows who you are without you even opening your mouth ! I do appreciate trends but I don’t always stick to them and I don’t let them define what I like . Instead I use them to define what fashion is to me .

Shoes !


Yes I do ! A girl can never have to many 😉



It is a passion of mine and my first love . It’s such an important part of my life . It gives me hope and an a expressive outlet.

The husband


One of the best things to happen to me . I love this MAN 🙂

My daughter


My little love bug . I love this little girl with all my heart . I want want to a better mother , wife , and women so she has someone to look up to . I love this little princess .

JESUS !!!!


I love him ! He’s the reason I’m alive . He’s all powerful and wonderful . He saved my life so I owe him me . He gives me a joy that I can’t even describe . No my life is in no way perfect , but he makes those bad times so much better by knowing I can get through anything with his help. The good really does outweigh the bad !

So Hopefully that let you get to know me a little better . I Tag you next !

One last thing :

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