Magic Nude Liquid Powder By Loreal review


Hello Loves ! Today I have a makeup review for you , and it’s on the L’oreal Magic Nude liquid Powder. This is a liquid foundation that dries to a powder finish . It also says that it’s skin perfecting so it will even out your skin tone giving you a smooth matte look . It contains SPF. It comes in  12 shades and it retails for 12.95.


I started with a bare moisturized face and before I applied the product I used a facial primer because it was a hot day and I didn’t want the makeup to melt off my skin. I didn’t use any brushes or a sponge when applying this product , they suggested for best results to apply with clean hands .

photo 1(3)

I decided to use two coats of the shade 332 soft sable instead of one , because it went on a little lighter than I personally care for. I also noticed that it dries fairly quickly to a powder finish which left me looking pretty matte . I loved that  because I have very oily skin. It matched my skin tone very well and gave me an even look.

photo 2(5)

I continue to apply the rest of my makeup. For this review I did not use concealer or powder because I wanted to get the full effect of only this product without outside manipulation. The time was 12pm

photo 3(3)


So I checked back in around 4pm. I was still pretty matte . The makeup had not worn off in any areas of my face that I could see. It was looking pretty good .

photo 4(3)

I did my last check in at 7:30 pm . By this point I was visibly oily and could use some powder .

photo 5(2)



Light weight  ( good for the summer )


Dries to a powder finish quickly



Not enough shades for women of color I purchased the darkest shade. It would be very helpful if it went a shade darker to accommodate more skin tones

Light coverage  You need to use a concealer for blemishes.

Depending how long you wear it , you will need to use a powder or maybe even set it with a powder.


My overall opinion is that it surprised me how well it worked . I enjoyed my experience with it , and would buy this product again.


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  1. I have been quite curious for this product and didn’t know what to do … Reading your post has answered all my concerns. Being of a normal/dry skin type this maybe is not the best product for me… I am impressed by the detailed post and I am skipping this product based on your review 😊

    1. You are so welcome ! I’m glad that this helped someone 🙂 I have a couple different foundation reviews in the future coming up , I think they are so much fun . If I can save some else time and money that’s always a plus 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂

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