Product Review- Olay fresh effects !

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Hello ! I’m here today with a product review for you . I’m always looking for good skin care products , and I came across the Olay fresh effects. They have a lot of different  products in this line tailored to different  skin types. My skin is combination ,but I tend to lean more to the oily side.  I’m always excited to find new products that takes the shine away.  So, the first thing I tried was the swipe out Refreshing Make Up Remover cloths.  Now these things smelled really fresh like cucumber and aloe Vera. To my surprise it removed my makeup very well and I only had to use one cloth. It didn’t leave my skin feeling  dry , it actually left it feeling pretty moisturized . I purchased it on sale for $5.99 .

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The next thing I decided to try was the Shine , Shine Go Away minimizing cleanser.  It smells the same as the make-up removal cloths , and it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry. But other than that I didn’t really notice anything special. I also purchase this on sale for $5.99

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  Last, I tried the Bright On Schedule  eye awakening cream . Now the whole packaging of this is very cute. It comes in a small tube , and at the top of the tube it has three sliver balls to help the product smooth under your eye easily .  This also smells very good , like cucumbers and white tea. It’s suppose to hydrate under your eyes which will cause your eyes to look brighter and awake. It’s a lotion , so it gives a dewy look. But once it fully dries the magic is over . I purchased this for $11.99

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Would buy these product again ? No , I can’t say that I would . I really wasn’t impressed.  That’s just my opinion 🙂 .

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