Spring/Summer Trends to try

1.) The Crop Top


This seasons Crop Top is very fun and classy. It’s retro and leaves plenty to the imagination . The key to this look is to keep it boxy and not tight .


2.) Wide Leg Pants


I love love this Trend ! You would think that this would be shapeless but it does the opposite . It can enhance or create shape , depending on the cut of the pant . It will hug your body in the right places and elongate you . You can dress it up or down.


3.) High Waist


You will see this everywhere . In pants, shorts, skirts , and swimming suits . You can also pair this look with a cute Crop Top. /p>

4.) The Jump Suit or  Romper

Image           Image

<pThis is stylish and easy ! You can’t really do this trend wrong . The key is finding the best Jump suit for your body type . It can not be to tight or loose fitting . Make this your go to outfit because it’s easy to throw on and your done !Pair it with a high or wedge heel and a chunky statement necklace and your good to go.


These Trends are so much fun ! So try out all of them and see which works the best for you. Have fun and rock it !


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